John FitzGerald

John Fitzgerald

John FitzGerald is an attorney for the disabled. His three books of poetry are Spring Water (Turning Point, 2005), Telling Time by the Shadows (Turning Point, 2008) and The Mind (Salmon Poetry, 2011). Forthcoming collections include The Zeroth Law and Observation of Humans, the novel Primate, and The Human Imperatives, a work of literary nonfiction.


It’s best to close your eyes, to go aeolian.
I put up my arms in dreams, get a few feet off the ground,
float out of the city.
Throw in parsley, basil, olive oil, soughing.

Ah, a poet’s life, the sea makes me hungry.
We are twins of different summers, the corner of my eye,
wherein I long to feel silent as a boat gone out of sight,
sleep as if I hadn’t broken a promise.

This is the time when every unutterable sound
we call god, for no other reason.
Sometimes it takes nights to think.
Temperance is key. Believe.

I shall not fall into the hands of the beholders.
I am psychic, warrior princess, chanting.
I will dive into the grasp of earth, and breathe,
gather sunshine, swim in Greek water.

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Published with the permission of John FitzGerald