Maria Aphroditi Patsi

Maria Aphroditi Patsi

Maria Aphroditi Patsi was born in Ioannina – Greece. She studied in the U.S at School of Arts and Sciences, Harvard and Brevard College, Graduate School of Design.

Maria Aphroditi Patsi lived and worked in the U.S for 7 years until 2011 and participated in numerous exhibitions:

  • Broadway Gallery NYC,NYC/USA
  • Jewish Culture Gallery NYC/USA
  • New York Gallery Week,NYC/USA
  • Gallery Row,LA/USA
  • La Luz,LA/USA
  • Art Fusion,MIA/USA
  • Art Miami,MIA/USA

In 2016 she won 2 “Hermes Creative Awards” (Platinum & Gold) and 1 honorable mention. Hermes Awards are considered the “Oscars” of design field.

Maria Aphroditi Patsi is a member of the Panhellenic Union of Writers and she won the “Constantine P. Cavafy” award at the age of 18 and at the age of 26 she earned a honorable mention from the UNESCO International Literacy Awards.

She currently lives and work in Athens / Greece as a Creative Director.

The Return of the In(no)sense

                        The Return of the In(no)sense

Maria Aphroditi Patsi has published a new poetry book – please contact her at: Maria Aphroditi Patsi to buy the book.


Smell of Spring

That was another time,
When April lasted all year
And snakes were unafraid
To wander in and out
Of open doors
As they slithered in the yard
Preoccupied, it seemed,
On just where they
Should lay their eggs.

Sweet orange blossoms
Stained the path
Which came to our door,
The path the children used
To tricycle to and fro,
As I sat on the steps,
And let smell of magnolia
And confederate jasmine
Strip away my winter
And clothe my nakedness.

Beloved Country

I returned!
Again I saw
The land
Where I was born!

Where fence posts
Shelter oven birds.

Where grass
And gardenia
Perfume the breezes
Of my river

Where my soul
Surrenders to you.

That’s why I returned.
I returned!


I returned. I lived all around the world.
After a whole lifetime, I returned. But what did i
Find? The same clear sky which I remembered,
The same rivers, the same mountains, the same
Breezes of my childhood, but also with a society
Transformed into a monster where friends had
Been swallowed up whole by reality too horrible
That it seemed unreal. And I, as if things of that
Sort were not part of my reality, as if like, for me,
Were effortless.
Perhaps the saddest part of all was to return to
The town square so gloomy compared to the
Memory of my childhood and youth. The words
Those young lovers whispered in private
Reverberated and answered each other in an
Eternity of unrealized echoes and desires.
Dead, wounded, and
Among them
You will find my kin.

And I alone, strong and healthy
As if life
For me,
We’re nothing.

Poetry in this post: © Maria Aphroditi Patsi
Published with the permission of Maria Aphroditi Patsi