Out of Print

Is your treasured poetry work “out-of-print”? Do you experience an almost Sisyphus-like situation contacting and trying to persuade your old publisher or maybe approaching more than that handful new publishing houses with the same wish: Please, reprint, publish my book!

If there’s no copyright issues you could, of course, take the original manuscript that’s still in your drawer(?) and go somewhere where they may help you print a new edition or rather a new version. Print-on-demand is very popular these days but can be quite expensive, printing smaller editions.

One alternative is to make an e-book of your manuscript. That is easy enough done on several internet sites – search e.g. for “e-book creator free” and there’s plenty to read and much to ponder about, not the least, how “free” it is? Still, here is one for free: Project Gutenberg Self-Publishing Press

Another option is Amazon* where you may “Get to market fast.” (Quote from Amazon’s page) for free! Well, nothing is really free as they actually take a portion of your earnings. Anyway, here you may create an account and sell your beloved work immediately!

*On Amazon, you may choose between or decide to make both an e-book and / or a traditional printed version too.

– – –
E-book – NEVER!

This is what we wrote some ten years ago when we still had our (Swedish) publishing company running and left the traditional printed books and concentrated on creating e-media …

  But, e-books? Reading literature on a screen? Replace the tickling feeling that a new unbroken, beautiful book creates, with a never-so-small smartphone (mobile) or tablet? A monitor on the bedside table instead of a real book – a book where you fold that little (forbidden) “bookmark” when your eyes are getting tired? No, no, NO!

Maybe you must give the critics right, but we see how this way of approaching the written word is growing rapidly. The editor of this publishing company today has a couple of hundred e-books on his mobile. Thousands of e-books can be downloaded from e.g. gutenberg.org or why not borrow an e-book from your library and save that to your mobile – a “thing” that could contain infinitely many e-books!

The smartphone or reading tablet is no bigger than it fits in your pocket / bag and texts can be read whenever / wherever you wish. Automatically fold that little “bookmark” by placing electronic marks in the text. The text size may be chosen and you may brighten the screen according to the eye’s ability to perceive the screen characters. Wonderful on the flight (airplane mode on), wonderful in the waiting room, when you go to bed or settle down on the sofa and want to spend a moment reading!”


Today we dare say that the e-book has established itself as a serious alternative and accounts for a significant part of the market (Sweden). So, maybe a YES anyway?

If you’re a poet (preferably with previous poetry with a bearing on the Mediterranean world published) and have a question regarding electronic “re-print” and would want some help to create that, please use this address: ebook@odyssey.pm. And, NO, it’s not FREE! If we come to an understanding and you would want us to create your e-book and maybe even “puff” for your words at Mediterranean Poetry, it will cost you a small sum.

Sell the e-book you may e.g. do from your own site or why not just attach the e-book in an email to a friend who would like to “support” your work.*

We do NOT create e-books with support for DRM (password protected) see discussion about DRM and “Social DRM” on the internet …