Januário Esteves

Januário Esteves

Januário Esteves was born in Coruche and raised near Costa da Caparica, Portugal. He graduated in electromechanical installations, uses the pseudonym Januanto and has been writing poetry since he was very young. Has published in numerous magazines and has two books published.


Sebastião da Gama

Arrábida, mother of lush maquis
where the lavender scents your scent
Mediterranean view over the viewpoints of
paradisiacal beaches, pierce the limpets
geological features the heart of the land between the Tagus and the
Ocean and serenity causes prayer
to the beautiful, to the blue-green that hovers in the
cliffs where silky sand flows and
the echo of dolphins in clicks and whistles
sing to their partner in the lapping waves
and we are taken by the dream to the mystical longing
in abundance that fills the soul and invigorates
in a plasma of infinity the suffering body
rolled in sand mixing salt with meat
but they did not save the trembling Sebastião
da Gama of the terrible burning of the infectious bacillus.

Poetry in this post: © Januário Esteves
Published with the permission of Januário Esteves