Giuseppina Palo

Giuseppina Palo

Giuseppina Palo was born in Eboli on July 10th 1965. Since 1986 she participated in various literary contests in prose and poetry. Appointment of Honorary Member Causa a vita, Section Letters, conferred by the president Ignazio Privitera, Sutri, on February 8th 2002. Palo’s writings have been published in literary magazines, in blogs and in poetry sites. Other poems are present in some anthologies (among In my end is my beginning, I Poeti Italiani negli anni Ottanta/Novanta, 1992, Publishing House Ripostes, Salerno – Roma). In 2020 she published Viaggio in Veneto lungo le rotte del tempo, Pagine, Roma, preface by Plinio Perilli. In the text, in verses and prose, the subtitle: lungo le rotte del tempo constitutes the omnia work of the author, whose personal publications Il dono selvaggio, 1989 and Favole moderne, 1993, Ripostes, Dell’Amore eterno, Editions “Il Saggio” Ars Poetica, 2016, have been prefaced by Francesco D’Episcopo. She has experience in singing, theatre labs, performances and contemporary dance. She completed her studies in Materie Letterarie, Literary Studies, with a major in Performing Arts from the Faculty of Education at the University of Salerno. She got her degree in 1992, discussing a Thesis in Modern and Contemporary Italian Literature entitled Dino Campana e il Decadentismo with professor Luigi Reina. It is found in the volume by Pietro Civitareale: Voci femminili della Poesia del Novecento (2019, published by Alimena – Orizzonti meridionali, Cosenza).

And we put our likeness to sleep

And we put our likeness to sleep
under the stars.
And when time demanded a distance
tired, I’d raise my wings
and followed the sun line;
our likeness on the beaches
were soft mattresses
on which we could rest and live
our love and our youth.
Adult calls of distant birds
kidnapped in an instant the sleep
and oblivion in the twilights on the sea
making me come back to reality.
Oh nocturnal oblivions of nostalgic music
psychedelic colors of strong sensations
secular tides dancing voices
nature exploded in rural mirages!
Where will we find that ecstasy again?
One needs to resolve problems
mature during a lifetime
walk determined
in the reality that is not only a dream.
Again, the birds left us free
to wander, enriched inside, on the beaches.
And the voice of the sea sang lightly
with our spirit one day in turmoil:
«My love, it is your closeness
that the time of youth
and of hearty sighs
offers me…
The child in my womb
makes me happy
now that I finally
live my union with you».

Poem from The literary dream by Giuseppina Palo,
© English translation by Katherine Grazier, Mazzanti Libri, 2023.

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