Grove Koger

Grove Koger

Grove Koger is the author of When the Going Was Good: A Guide to the 99 Best Narratives of Travel, Exploration, and Adventure, Assistant Editor of Deus Loci: The Lawrence Durrell Journal, and former Assistant Editor of Art Patron magazine. He blogs about travel and related matters at



The wind has told me a story
and now I’m hot
for this fellow
who spilled blood at Troy
and made himself a name.
Speed him here, you,
I have a gift
he won’t refuse.


Blinded by No Man,
derided by everyman,
I petition the gods
for justice!


We tarried
while his men
rooted happily in the mast.
But for one year only …
Witch that I am,
I sensed that he was already
bewitched by the sea.

The Sirens

Chained to your ship,
you merely traded one fate
for another. Now
our bright song will
chase you
down all the years.


My master!


I expected someone nobler—
not this scarecrow.


My darling,
when I heard your voice
for the first time
in decades,
I looked up to see
the face of a


Here’s the truth:
I became an occasion
for lies, theirs and
yours and
even my own.
I forgot
who I was. Now
I wander grim Hades,
shade of a shade.

Previously published in Deus Loci:
The Lawrence Durrell Journal
NS 11, 2008-2009.

Poetry in this post: © Grove Koger
Published with the permission of Grove Koger