Jesse Mavro Diamond

Jesse Mavro Diamond

Jesse Mavro Diamond’s latest poetry manuscript AMERICAN QUEERS will be published by Cervena Barva Press Spring 2023. Her previous book of poems, Swimming The Hellespont is available on Amazon. Recently, Jesse Mavro Diamond has appeared reading at open mics in The United States, Ireland and Amsterdam.


Sappho, it was long, long ago
I, like Leda, saw wild hyacinths–
and found beneath them
an egg.

But the firecracker flower is a frozen bulb
in winter. The budding flame
that ran under my skin, has burst,
is buried.

Still, I keep this lavender ribbon.
I am dark, like you, and have known the one
with blue eyes– it was then
I sang your song.

Now–I cut this brown hair,
my curls scatter with the chestnuts in her yard.
The apple branches admonish me
in a cold wind.

When the leaves fall and the daylight lessens,
my heart will drop like a red fruit—
She is leaving me: her pointed lips,
her pink blossom.

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