Helen Sellers

Helen Sellers

Helen Sellers lives in Upper Wharfedale, Yorkshire, where she enjoys the open space. She studied French and lived in France for a year as a student. She still visits France as frequently as possible. After teaching French, her interest in philosophy led her to re-train to teach Religious Education, majoring on the Philosophy of Religion. Though no longer in the classroom, Helen continues to be involved in the world of education. Her poems have appeared in Pennine Platform and in a number of anthologies.

Haiku at Sainte Agnès

Silence sits patient
among lavender ruins
and ancient olives.

July storm, Menton

The storm breaks on clouded mountains,
thunder stalks jagged peaks,
echoes ricochet between granite crags.
From midnight skies, perpendicular dashes of lightning
complete son et lumière in Menton.
Then the deluge, impatient, drops before us;
battering the balcony it applauds the drama:
“Bis! Bis!” The encores climax
and the stage is left bare,
till dawn leads in flawless azure.
Swifts sweep clean the morning
threading roof-tops, shadowing ochre tiles,
black tangos darting among courtyards in the sky.

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