Amy Van Duzer

Amy Van Duzer

Amy Van Duzer is a lifelong writer and MFA candidate at Mt. Saint Mary’s College in Los Angeles. She is most inspired by other poets and lyricists. Her work has been published in magazines such as “Wild Things” and “Cephalo Press”.

Aegean Mon Amor

Waves of jade in varied hues
Pulsate fervently into my eyes.
The salted sea does not sting,
But rather, flows through me.
It’s the same as the water
Comprising my blood.

Warmth surrounds,
Currents whisper,
Entering every crevice,
Every passageway,
Every pore.

Her strong celadon current
Possesses me without fight.
I sail for a while, leaving
Behind every cell of my
Resistance within the waves.

This second in time
Now catalogued
In a mental collage,
In every passageway,
In every pore.

I try to find my footing
On the sands beneath,
But her waters trick me.
The grounds are evasive
So I swim into the deep,
Dismissing her elusivity,
But relishing in my own.

Here in her vast waters,
There is never a second,
Never a cell displaced.


Houses atop houses
Stacked off white and fat with all the accoutrements
The streets wind
Jaggedly wind down
Narrow and packed
With cars cats trash cigs
Discarded flyers and menus

Sound of TV
Children yelling
Pots and pans clanking
Thoughts resounding off the walls

And 1, I wander
To soak up just a little sunshine
Warming me up to find
Just a little piece of inspiration

Vines dripping down from terraces above
Green and spotted with ivory
Small resilient ferns greet passerbys
And wanderers alike

As the nychta approaches
The early evening stars beam with promises
Of something coming back home
And I am reminded
I know

There are no worries
For a wanderer
The streets will wind
But they do lead back home
I know

Poetry in this post: © Amy Van Duzer
Published with the permission of Amy Van Duzer