Deborah Poe

Deborah Poe

DEBORAH POE is the author of the poetry collections Elements (Stockport Flats Press 2010) and Our Parenthetical Ontology (CustomWords 2008). Deborah’s writing has recently appeared in Jacket Magazine, Denver Quarterly, Ploughshares, No Contest and Colorado Review. Deborah Poe is fiction editor of Drunken Boat, guest curator of Trickhouse’s “Experiment” door 2010/2011 and curator of the annual Handmade/Homemade Exhibit at Pace University, Westchester.

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Silver (Ag)


theater threaten
the knife grief woman
who led tradition astray

beside adam and eve
silver had its genesis beside
the red apple also biblically
introduced with the downfall of man

slag dumps in Asia Minor
and on islands in the Aegean
indicate man learned to separate things

in this case silver from lead
as early as 3000 B.C.

Acknowledgments: “Silver (Ag)” was published in the anthology A Sing Economy (Flim Forum Press 2008) and in Poe’s poetry collection, Elements (Stockport Flats Press 2010).

Poetry in this post: © Deborah Poe
photo by: © Jonathan Cohen
Published with the permission of Deborah Poe