Efi Kalorkoti

Efi Kalorkoti

Efi Kalorkoti is a Cypriot poet with a deep love for the Mediterranean world and her home. After 6 years in the UK and after gaining her BSc and MSc in Economics she has returned back to her home country. Now a certified Reiki healer, she uses vulnerability to address deeper psychological matters through poetry. You can explore her work further at: www.efikalorkoti.com

Heat Strokes

A heavy mist of slumber descents
13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00
the day going by, then it’s gone.

The eyelids tied with invisible
robe, shutters pulled, signs
turn to closed. You only dream
of the sea, cooling
scorched bodies, soothing
red skins. Crushed ice in sweating
glasses, wasting in rose cordial,
turning paper straws into mush.

Slow life, slothful summers.
I wish for change, yet all
is still and immobile.

Poetry in this post: © Efi Kalorkoti
Published with the permission of Efi Kalorkoti