Farah Hallaba

Farah Hallaba

Farah Hallaba – Middle Eastern by identity, Egyptian by blood. An economy class traveler, who sees the world through a camera. I believe that my heart is hanged as a bridge somewhere between Cairo and Istanbul. And my soul is revived somewhere under the sun by a Mediterranean beach.

I studied Political Science and minored in Cinema from Bahcesehir University, Istanbul 2018. And I exchanged to University of Maryland, USA 2016. Beside writing articles or studying, I translate, I enjoy the art of translation. Where, beside language, I translate so much of nuances relevant to the culture. I am also interested in philosophy, filmmaking, and Folklore arts.

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My heart between Bridges

“If I have half of my heart with me, I know the other half is in Istanbul” I know my heart will always be stuck somewhere on the Galata Bridge. This is how I matured between your narrow streets, somewhere in the midst of two ends. Somewhere over a running Bosphorus. Where meyhane’s Arabesque music and Ezan are equally pleasing to hear.
Belonging to both Cairo & Istanbul, my heart will always be torn apart to homes I will never last in.
I slowly started to look like the strangled Galata Bridge, a connection to two faces of the city that are well synchronized. There is a part of me that will always recall chapters from the east and the west of the same story. And there are things in me, I will only find when I come back to you…
Thank you Istanbul for making me a calmer person, and a numb-er version of myself.
Four years embraced by sips of your warm tea was like a lifetime.

Elveda İstanbulcım , seni acayip seviyorum but it’s time to leave
But I will always visit, sooner than I think. I know.

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