Frank Arjava Petter

Frank Arjava Petter

Frank Arjava Petter is a German author and workshop facilitator who is known for his internationally best-selling books on Reiki history and practice that are translated into twenty-two languages. He has taught thousands of students in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Africa. Besides Reiki, he also teaches Family therapy and Meditation and writes inspirational texts and poetry. The poem included here is part of his recent collection of poems titled “Love Speaks”. Arjava lives in Eressos, Lesvos Island with his wife and their two kids where they run a retreat center and an organic olive farm.

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The Way Home

The Harbor

Begin your journey where the open sky meets the deep blue sea. Continue onwards until the blue mingles with the children of the earth. You step ashore, and this … is your welcome.

The Olive Groves

Caressing the surf with their gnarly fingers they stand in silence. A song of Peace is what they sing, while the audience is still busy with itself.

The Pine Forest

Sharp needles pierce the clouds painlessly as the bees swarm out in search of the secret. But we do not speak about it in public, except in the ancient temple ahead.

The Marsh

Sweet and salty at the same time, the ground lies low for a while. Sea or land has not been decided yet and that attracts those of us who like both.

The Gulf

It is from here that you can see the other shore … Don’t miss it. Yet you must not talk about what you see. Keep it to yourself. This is for you and your eyes. Only.

The Orange Groves

The fragrance of the beyond intoxicates your senses, as you pass the minaret, oblivious of its existence. You don’t know that this is god’s country, yours and mine.

The Wasteland

You must progress through it unhurt and knowing that at the onset of exhaustion, the weary soul deserves a rest. Exploration or withdrawal is decided in the moment.

The Corners

The change in direction confuses the mind and gives birth to questioning. Not knowing the right way, the compass directs itself towards the source.

The Village

Glued to the mountain-skin, held by solid rock and twisted pine, the dwellings shelter men and their companions. The longing for safety is met by the absence of danger.

The Mountain Road

Going West, loose rocks slide off the mountain, obstructing your path. Going East, the cliff takes what belongs below with the unbearable ease of gravity.

The Pyramids

The ancients cleared the pathway to the heavens with this in mind: life and death connected by a single thread. The choice is ulti- mately – yours.

The Creek

The feast is prepared, the table set. The guests are waiting for your arrival. Temptation beckons and demands, but you must go on. It is too early to stop.

The Moon Valley

Thus purified by the journey you encounter the mountains of the moon. They display themselves regardless of the Light. The Universe is manifest on Earth.

The Oasis

At the edge of the moon the sunrays shyly welcome you. In their embrace, abundance shares its silent blessings, upon awakening.

Poetry in this post: © Frank Arjava Petter
Published with the permission of Frank Arjava Petter