Gabrielle Brogan

Gabrielle Brogan

Gabrielle Brogan is a freelance writer who has spent the last five years working and backpacking in Southeast Asia, South America, Central America and Europe. She grew up in Italy and on a daily basis, her travels fill her with both curiosity and wonder.

Heritage: Umbrella Pine

You have spent years saying
You don’t know where home is

But just
Look at you

The gnarled and tangled branches of the olive tree
Buried in the maps of your veins

The cracked sun-parched earth
Dusting the brown of your eyes

And the emerald halo of the umbrella pine
Reaching from the curling roots of your hair

The clues are in your very body

Home is the land that lives
Inside your nomad bones

Poetry in this post: © Gabrielle Brogan
Published with the permission of Gabrielle Brogan