Hollace M. Metzger

Hollace M. Metzger

Hollace M. Metzger is an architect, poet, painter and photographer from New York City. She is the author of Observing the Labyrinth from Heaven (2007), Transcriptions of Time : The Collected Poetic Works (2009), Why the WilloW (2010) and author-vocalist of three respective audio books.

The Labyrinth, revealing intimate thoughts of life in New York through poetry and photography, initiated a three-year journey through Europe and its result, Transcriptions, completed in Paris before publication of The Willow, dedicated to and written in France.

While she continues to combine all practiced arts in an effort to discover new methods of cross-disciplinary creation, Ms. Metzger’s writing and voice, specifically, have appeared in European independent films, theatre and dance performances, art installations and in an extensive list of music collaborations worldwide. Her first novel and appearance on a major record label are planned for 2011 in addition to a sixth volume of poetry.

Please visit her at: www.hollacemetzger.com

Dreaming While Awake

an Athens hotel

Six in the morning,
Athens time.
Paris read just the same.
I’ve an aching foot,
an empty stomach,
love in my heart
and Scotch in my brain.
You’re next to me.

My French manicure
will remain, my feet
swollen again,
but I am beginning
to understand:
This is the life
we would lead
if we loved
and we do.

I’ve just finished
watching you sleep
for twenty-three
You dream
when you are awake
and rest your mind
with your lungs’ digestion.
But your fingers,
they still move.

I guess it’s time
for me to finally see
the Acropolis,
Athens’s temple.
I avoided it for years,
together with Florence,
because I feared
I would never leave.
Perhaps, this time,
I won’t.
I detest stagnancy,
permanence and such
defined, limited literacy
to explain such a feeling
as this.

You’re still sleeping.
I look out the window
above your open lips,
your praying hands,
and I see Gods
and Goddesses
protecting a new city
that doesn’t know
where to go.
I wonder
if they will protect me.
I wonder
if they are visiting you
in your dreams.
I wonder
if there will be
some pagan ritual
that will seal our destiny
in Athens.

My Love is a She


My Love is a she
and She remains
a city dwelling
in snow-less,
shadowy winters,
flooded full moons
revealing silhouettes
and summer sunsets
that can make any
lover jealous.
I return to Her
every year
to fall in love.
Then, I leave again
to forget.

When the new moon
comes, the cycle
continues as my heart
yearns too much
for Her song.
I can only wonder
when Her velvet carpet
She lays for me
will sink beneath
the tears that She cries
after welcoming,
loving, and watching
me leave again, waving
my white handkerchief
as another boat
brings me home.

Time and Tide


Let me become
with the dawn
that brings you from
that steal you from
my vision
every day.

I want to make
love to you
at the same speed
as the earth
is moving.

I want to place
each tear
that you cry
in a little cup,
with mine,
and one day,
walk to the ocean
with you,
our heads wreathed
in autumn leaves
that have fallen,
and pour this cup
into the biggest of waves
and kiss you
until we can
no longer
see them
drifting away.

I want to make
love to you
at the same speed
as the earth
is moving.

Poetry in this post: © Hollace M. Metzger
Published with the permission of Hollace M. Metzger