Jasmine Bajada

Jasmine Bajada

Jasmine Bajada is a Maltese writer and researcher. She obtained a Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary Literature and Criticism from the Department of English at the University of Malta. Her academic work on the Mediterranean literary imaginary, among other aspects of literature and literary theory, has been published in journals such as CounterText, Glits-E and Antae.

Cathedral Cave

The unquiet waters of the
Mediterranean patiently etched
a sea cave in the pliant limestone,
a place between land and sea
for us to swim into, becoming
amphibian; a holy place in which
to sanctify our being-together —
Cathedral Cave.

Here, the gentle sun burns
amber on our pale faces;
here the northerly wind whips
your dark hair into flight,
the feathers of a crow;

and here, too,
I dream of swimming
out of myself and into you
without oxygen or suit.

I don’t fear the waves
that carved the cave —
the current could crush
my body against the rock,
as long as it deposits my remains
on the sands of Cathedral Cave.

Poetry in this post: © Jasmine Bajada
Published with the permission of Jasmine Bajada