Katarina Sarić

Katarina Sarić

Katarina Sarić lives and creates between her native Budva and Belgrade. At FF Nikšić she graduated with a degree in philosophy and then language and South Slavic literature, at FPN Podgorica she is completing postgraduate studies in social policy and social work.

Katarina Sarić writes socially-engaged poetry, prose and essays. She is a writer, poetic provocateur and performance artist. She is the author of 13 independent editions, represented in numerous co-authors, anthologies, collections, on all major regional portals. Scientific works have been written about her poetry and prose. Her works were awarded, translated and published in the region but also on the global literary scene.



These late warm August afternoons
and the wet sheets on which the sun’s angled rays fall
through semi-downed blinds
making ribbons of a golden zebra –

They remind of the lazy roadside resorts
the taverns that offered lodging upstairs without check-in or taxes
On the water bottles on the balcony lined up by the flowerpots –

They remind of the student rooms, pages of pocket novels
filled with Nanas, Koletas and Monas
and their lovers who first shave to dull da razor and then pass it to them
in a scented foam bath
on smooth legs, satin slippers, tulle cloths and nightgowns
on light walls and heavy iron beds
behind which every noise and flush of water was heard –

They remind of our Mediterranean conversations
with cold white wine
soft cheese and grapes we’ve lazily grabbed from the vines above our heads
and ate it fresh, unwashed
debating, with full mouth, the impact of Simone on French structuralists
she undeniably must have left
at least to the extent Sartre had on the philosophy of existentialism

– as if it was the most important issue in the world

If we leave out death to intellect
the smell of puddles and the croaking of frogs

We are essentially back at the beginning

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