Kate Emmerson

Kate Emmerson

Kate Emmerson is a multi published author, speaker, mentor and retreat leader. Her latest book titled “10 Lessons for Living #LocationFree” details her adventurous, nomadic lifestyle for the past 5 years. She is part of a dynamic duo running writing retreats and online mentorships. Catch up with her in Greece, Spain, Italy, South Africa and Scotland.

Please visit her at: kate-emmerson.com

Thunder Rain

Rain cleansing broken hearts as Aegean dawn awakes
Water healing our pain buried not forgotten
Flowing through the complex lives
Of everyone deep in sorrow

Tumbling words in a gasping gush of water

Fumbling “I’m sorry” in a muddy pool
Wind curling ferociously around feathered vine leaves
Thunder beings crashing through the panes
Beckoning get up get up GET UP

As swallows take flight in bursts of energetic black

The tall sky keeps throwing off its cleansing cloak
Beckoning and begging us just this once
To wash away the stains, just for today
Holding on to the promise of a brighter blue tomorrow

Remembering the delicious lure of a hot, honeyed sun

Poetry in this post: © Kate Emmerson
Published with the permission of Kate Emmerson