Konstantinos Kokologiannis

Konstantinos Kokologiannis

Konstantinos Kokologiannis was born in Athens and has lived in Italy and Cyprus. He has studied Agriculture Technology and Science/Oenology and also has a master in Mba. Konstantinos has published: Baudelaire was right, Armidabooks, Anima, Ta.Ti. edizioni and translated Edmondo de Amicis Gli effetti psicologici del vino to Greek.

Konstantinos Kokologiannis is an active daily poetry blogger at:


And as the dark night was taking the town, I closed the door of the apartment and
waved goodbye, as if it was my last time, I would be seeing it.
I took the hand of my loneliness and promised her to make a walk with her down town.
Hookers universali were guarding the corners of the old buildings, waiting for their next customer, even though-I know well, their eyes told me-
they wanted to grab the wall and become a part of it.
Drunks, with a half-full bottle in their arms, smile to me,
but I hear loudly the weeping of their hearts.
Madmen nailed to the benches, feeling that way less frightened by their shadows, start to talk with and about nothing. Or do they just try to be themselves?
The birds are searching a nest to find some pleasure and I open the labyrinth of my soul to get them inside.
Everything is in vain and hurts
and the nightmares similar to some diseases
become chronic and follow life,
just like the loneliness always do.

© English translation: Chryssa Velissariou

Poetry in this post: © Konstantinos Kokologiannis
Published with the permission of Konstantinos Kokologiannis