Lali Tsipi Michaeli

© Photo by Zvi Pfeffer

Lali Tsipi Michaeli

Lali Tsipi Michaeli is an Israeli independent universal poet. Born in Georgia in 1964. She immigrated to Israel at the age of seven. She has published six poetry books so far. Attended international poetry festivals. She was part of a residency program for talented writers in New York at 2018.

Her books have been translated into foreign languages in New York, France, Italy, India, Georgia, Ukraina, Russa, Romania and Iran. Lali was defined by Prof. Gabriel Moked in his book as “Erotico-Urban Poet” and was highly regarded by critics, who consider her as an innovative and combative. In 2011 Lali conducted an anthology for protest “Resistance”, in which she presents her personal poetic manifesto, claiming that “poetry as a whole is a revolt.” In the past decade, Lali has created 15 Poetry Video Art that have taken part in world poetry festivals such as ZEBRA in Berlin. “The poem is not purely individual. It is common ground and should be heard in a great voice,” the poet claims.

Lali teaches Hebrew at Ben Gurion University. She has one son and lives in Tel Aviv by the sea.

Books by Lali Tsipi Michaeli:

  • Lali’s poetry, Eked publishers, Tel Aviv, 1990
  • Paint me ablaze, Carmel publishers, Jerusalem, 2008
  • Frontwoman, Ahshav publishers, Tel Aviv, 2013
  • Tractate of faces, Ahshav publishers, Tel Aviv, 2015
  • The Mad House, Even Hoshen publication, Raanana, Israel, 2018
  • Papa (Elegy), Even Hoshen publication, Raanana, Israel, 2019
  • My Sectre lover, You [comming soon]
  • Resitance, Poetry Anthology, edited by Lali Tsipi Michaeli, Tel Aviv, 2011

From the back cover of Tractate of Faces:

“The present book of Lali Michaeli considerably widens the contents and the forms of her poetry. The inner depth of her poems, as present now, and in her previous publications in AHSHAV, corroborate her image as Tel-Avivian erotico – urban poetess. Against the background of modern and post-modern city, Ms. Michaeli encounters different and complex aspects of reality.”

Prof. Gabriel Moked

Sketches of Tel Aviv

The city of Tel Aviv
Even a lover could not let you leave
She will leave you one day
And you will stay in Tel Aviv.

You know
The City with curved legs,
Which squints at shapely cities
You take her as a model
And begin sketching her ’til the desired slit
Which leaves you out of the picture
And lets you look but not touch
As far as the pert nipple
And the edge of the canvas

© Translated from Hebrew by Michael Simkin

Published with the permission of Lali Tsipi Michaeli