María Verónica Cabeza

María Verónica Cabeza

María Verónica Cabeza was born on June 2, 1966 in the city of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She obtained the degree of National English Translator at the University of El Salvador, in Buenos Aires in 1991 and began her career as translator and teacher.

She also studied journalism for three years. She is NLP Practitioner and Coach on Ontology. She works for private companies and also helps students develop their key abilities and cope with their weak sides.

Maria has recently started a new career as consultant. She works for small companies focusing on people as individuals, including bosses and employees. She is convinced that companies do not achieve their goals fully because they just think of figures and that focusing on humans as unique and unrepeatable beings is the start up of a new way of doing business and feel happy at the same time.

She wrote articles for local newspapers and magazines and translated scientific and literary works for various companies, embassies, non-governmental organizations and individuals. All her achievements gave her the chance of looking at writing from a different perspective. Thus she discovered her passion for the written word in all its forms.

Maria is also member of Greenpeace and volunteers for Fatima, a NGO for children who suffer from deafblindness.

Her love for nature and the sea has fulfilled her wild side and made her a better person, fighting each day for a better world.

Mr. Sea

Why do people praise you?
Love you, miss you, and need you?
Fear you?
Why do you arise so many different feelings and emotions?
Is it that you are kind and cherish, a father to us?
Give us calm when there is no rainbow?
How many disguises do you have? Cause you can be a hero, a villain, a murderer
     or a saver
Why dolphins and sharks can dance together in your water? What is your secret?
Nobody can paint the peak of your waves, are they your rages?
Shall we ever see you cry or laugh but angry or calm?
Are you real Mr. Sea or just a part of us that desires to be nourished?


I am here, four in the morning
On the beach
Listening to you become calmer
Savoring your colours before dawn
Watching the foam

I could touch you but
Your are too exposed right now
So I will only stay here beside you
As you did many times
In silence
Waiting for words not spoken

There is nothing to fear
I caught you
Your confession will be our secret
I swear I will never tell I saw your tenderness

Just relax
Put your disguise over that rock, where the flamingo is dreaming
And let me hug you.

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