María Verónica Cabeza

María Verónica Cabeza

María Verónica Cabeza was born on June 2, 1966 in the city of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She obtained the degree of National English Translator at the University of El Salvador, in Buenos Aires in 1991 and began her career as translator and teacher.

She wrote articles for local newspapers and magazines and translated scientific and literary works for various companies, embassies, non-governmental organizations and individuals. She studied journalism for two years which gave her the chance of looking at writing from a different perspective. Thus she discovered her passion for the written word in all its form.

A very special THANK YOU to María Verónica Cabeza for writing the poems especially for Mediterranean Poetry. This since she has a deep romance with water, not the least, “The Mediterranean Sea that embraces so much history and love”.

Mediterranean Sea

What can I say that has not,
Mediterranean Sea?
What more can I expect from you?
What can I dream of, suffer or feel?

You filled my senses with your grace
I felt your suffering, your wars, and your yields
you died, you fought, and you survived

I dare not speak words to make you see my wounds
cause you are not the one to blame but us
struggling for power, blind to your beauty
wiping your freshness, hiding our misery.

What can I say that has not?
I am ashamed, that is it.
I apologize for our insanity
and pray for your forgiveness.

The Sea that Never Dies

I wish I could live forever
just to lie beside you
like a baby in his mother’s womb
protected by your waves

It hurts to feel you so deeply
so lonely though strong
like a dagger into my heart
you opened my wounds just to heal

Transparent, blue, emerald green
mild, wild, in peace or at war
but never dead
Mediterranean Sea

I wish I could live forever
to soak my soul with joy
to look at my lover’s eyes
reflected on your water moon

I will die some day, some time
take me with you
do not leave me alone in my grave
like a slave with chains

I could walk into the nearest river
I could become vapour
and meet you next rain
the sea that never dies.

Ode to the Sea

Hey, it’s me again
I just wanted to share

Listen to these ancient words
spoken by the sea

Are you a writer who dare not write?
Are you a painter who dare not paint?
Are you a soul who dare not love?
You are dead

Are you a flower that bleeds?
Are you an animal that roars?
Can you feel the wind howl and birds’ songs?
You are alive

Hey, it’s me again
I just wanted to share

Listen to my words
spoken by your shore

I am a soul that bleeds
A lover who cares
A rose that shines and an animal that growls
I am that sensitive, though strong

You are in my heart, my bones
You fill my veins with inspiration
and slip in my thoughts
You are my mentor, my lungs, my throat

Hey, it’s me again
I just wanted to share

The silence of your voice
The grace of your dance
The warmness of your hidden hands
Your never-ending beauty fixed into my eyes.

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Poetry in this post: © 2009 María Verónica Cabeza
Published with the permission of María Verónica Cabeza