Martine Bellen

Martine Bellen

Martine Bellen is the author of six collections of poetry including THE VULNERABILITY OF ORDER (Copper Canyon Press); FURTHER ADVENTURES OF THE MONKEY GOD (Spuyten Duyvil); and TALES OF MURASAKI AND OTHER POEMS (Sun & Moon Press), which won the National Poetry Series Award. Her novella 2X(SQUARED) was published in 2010 by BlazeVOX [books].

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A metallurgist hammers the silver-plated moon
Out of plangent fluting demiurges.

Diamond-pocked black silk scrim of Night’s ebony tresses
Combed around this pearlescent earring—dangling, ringing.

Artisans liturgically chant of the moon’s unfathomable longing
To reunite with its reflection on the lightless lake.
One liquefied glow: Moon and Como.

Poetry in this post: © Martine Bellen
Published with the permission of Martine Bellen