Mohamed A. Eno

Mohamed A. Eno

Mohamed A. Eno is a Kenyan poet whose work was published in Warscapes Magazine. He is the author of the recently published poetry collection Corpses on the Menu: Blood, Bullets and Bones (Outskirts Press, Nov. 2012). His second collection, Guilt of Otherness: A Brief Personal Memoir in Poetry, is scheduled for publication in the first half of 2013.

With a PhD in Social Studies Education (St Clements University), MA TESOL (University of Sunderland), and IMBA (St Clements University – Lausanne), Mohamed Eno is Associate Professor of African Studies and Dean of St Clements University Somalia, as well as Senior Lecturer and Researcher in the English Department of ADNOC Technical Institute. He is the author of The Bantu Jareer Somalis: Unearthing Apartheid in the Horn of Africa (Adonis & Abbey, 2008), and has contributed various authored and co-authored works in academic publications. Dr. Eno is also on the Editorial Board of African Renaissance Journal and Journal of African Union Studies.

Egyptian Tales in Italy

It was a long day of hectic discussions
The two learned Piedmontese scholars
Enlivened the thematic historical debates
They organized for the participants
In units of relevant panels and forums
So we’d contribute our individual versions
Assuming multiple contexts and eras
That surround Mediterranean literatures

Then from the circles of the audiences
An erudite named Alaa ‘ambushed’ us
With well-phrased, calmly posed queries
That flipped the focus to the vicinities
Of Sahel Al Shimaali and its heritages,
Divulging us into profound conundrums
Of trends in old Alexandrian folktales

To grapple with the elaborations
Of the fauna and flora of those ages,
We invoked an eclectic mix of pedagogies
Adherent to Afro-European philosophies
As the approach to the demystifications

Inspired with great deal of sentiments
Fantasy, desire and collective efforts
We interrelated the epochs of the empires
That embodied the vast modes of early contacts;
Unconscious of the long duration our hosts
Were patiently waiting at the Iveco buses
To commute us to the Vatican’s Hotel Beldes

Though few made any noteworthy success
For an erotic tango with the Signorinas
The pungent evening breeze of festivities
Culminated with an exotic banquet of choices,
Despite we made alla Romana in payments,
And a classical opera of farewell to the guests
Before we took home the next morning flights

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