Müesser Yeniay

Müesser Yeniay

Müesser Yeniay was born in İzmir, 1983; graduated from Ege University, English Language and Literature. She has had II. Yunus Emre (mention, 2006), Homeros Attila İlhan (mention, 2007), Ali Rıza Ertan (2009) poetry awards in Turkey.

Her first book Dibine Düşüyor Karanlık da was published in 2009 and her second book Evimi Dağlara Kurdum is a collection of translation from world poetry. Her latest book Yeniden Çizdim Göğü was published in 2011. She translated the poems of Persian poet Behruz Kia in the name of Lalelere Requiem.

Her poems were translated into English, French, Serbian, Arabic, Hebrew and Italian. She participated in the poetry festivals in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Israel, Serbia and United States.

She is the editor of the literature magazine Şiirden (of Poetry). She studies M.A.Turkish literature in Bilkent University, Ankara. She is also a member of PEN and Writers Syndicate of Turkey.

The breeze blown from poetry


I pulled the sorrow
to poetry as if a sea
pulls ashore her mermaid


Here is the town of a girl.
on her feet,
she stands like a tulip


The sea-gull shall wait
For whom I will bring the most beautiful sky.


The roof tiles, in that house
were entering among
the nights.


I have placed you in
the villages I never

I looked at the mirror of the world

I looked at the mirror of the world
and saw myself

there are water inside my pot
I pour from my eyes

have I fallen down by rain
I am the cloud broken into pieces

I keep my heart wide
so that all the winds of sky
come inside

the flesh is over
wear as much earth as you
wish now

One day I removed the sky over me
the earth was naked

I dug my heart,
heard the sound of the hoe

I went to bed after drinking bitter milk
not milkwhite

people ranged in my shadow
as they will give birth to somebody

I opened the world
entered in, not like
an oyster

I got on a new ship
and took with me the wave
I have fallen inside sea

I carved a bird
from my chest

a water
took my well
I cannot see deeper

in their minds are the copper covers
a straw rain
hanging on the sky

the day fell in a black river
like a black bird the night

they placed my heart
in my chest that
it aches still

Poetry in this post: © Müesser Yeniay
Published with the permission of Müesser Yeniay