Nina Karacosta

Nina Karacosta

Actor and poet Nina Karacosta from Athens, Greece lived in London, New York City and lately in Paris. She had some exuberant living poets mentors (Ann Waldman, Alice Notely, Marge Piercy, Simon Pettet, Sparrow). 

Work of hers has appeared in Pomegranate Seeds: An Anthology of Greek-American Poetry, Best of Stain Anthology, Surreal-zine, The Melancholy Dane, The Smoking book, Upstairs at Duroc, Ditch, Upstart, issue.Zero, Tears in the Fence, Core, can can, Big Bridge, Shearsman magazine.

She is a poetry editor at Upstairs at Duroc. Her chapbook “Previous Vertigos” as well as its French translation by Anne Talvaz “Vertiges Précédents” are published by Corrupt Press.


Could you interpret the oracle of summer?

Yesterday my sun was sticky
Wave of heat breaks the image in millimeters, small squares the camera can capture

wings of the green butterfly
witchcraft eyes of frog
a goat on the top of a car castrating a tree
sea-gulls, a sudden dolphin
lizard, lady back, mosquitoes

and the mokery faces of sunsets and foolmoons
your face with a new hat
black pebbles, the natural graffiti on the rocks
the interior trip of private selves

camera couldn’t touch everything
became just an     instrument

sitting obediently in the table next to our bed

and days didn’t follow one another
time was sometimes slow
time had your lazy eyelids

and the voyage of statues

the waves of sky that moved on top of our heads

Poetry in this post: © Nina Karacosta
Published with the permission of Nina Karacosta