Ram Gulrajani

Ram Gulrajani

I, Ram Gulrajani, originally from the Rock of Gibraltar with its warm climates & Mediterranean panoramas moved to the UK in 1985 and have been here since. I miss the sun and sea but thankfully have been visiting home when and if we can. Now a retired NHS Respiratory nurse consultant, father and grandfather. I am also an author having written several novels that are widely available on Amazon. I am bilingual so this is why I have written a couple in English and Spanish. I love writing with a Mediterranean flavour which will explain ‘Phobic Wars’ as well as ‘Legally Lucky’.

A rock upon the rock

(Ode to Dad: Anand Gulrajani)

Living abroad you always pine for home
To me, a small place I so loved to roam
This hulking rock sprouts out of the clear blue sea
The warm sun on my face energises me
Gibraltar means the world you see
My childhood, family, feeling safe and free.
However today, Gibraltar makes me sad
I have lost my father, my dear dad.
The first from our family to settle here
He made it his home the first Gulrajani to appear.
Dad loved the med, since he moved here
Since he left India, this rock was so dear
It’s history, its peoe the mix of cultures
The apes, the beaches even occasional vultures
This Rock of ages so important to many
The Arabs, Romans, Phonicians and now he.
Anand created roots, where the family thrive
Inspired by the geography he felt so alive.
The weather, friends, the fusion of food,
It was dad’s home, inspired and so good
He loved life here with its wonderful warm climate
He settled here, where the Atlantic met its position, ultimate.
For 63 years you connected, lived and loved here.
Unlike that rock, you are now gone, we’ve shed more than a tear
However this landscape, washed by the sea
Gibraltar forever, your home, your ashes set free
You wander the planet and remain in our hearts
You remain in this rock, life continuing, it never departs.
Your smile as warm as the sun.
That warms up our city of fun.
You created roots, now I miss you dad,
The time came, you left and I am sad
However the blue skies still remains
It’s life, air, we thank you for our gains
The Mediterranean remains and you influenced so much
The love, care, attention of a fathers touch.
As like the mighty rock, your legend lives on
Your memory, special and never gone.
Good bye dad xxx

Poetry in this post: © Ram Gulrajani
Published with the permission of Ram Gulrajani