Serkan Engin

Serkan Engin

A Laz poet from Turkey, Serkan Engin was born in 1975 in Izmit/Turkey. He was influenced by his parents to study at Navy Military Lycee but was dismissed from Navy Military High School in 1995 because he was undisciplined. He then studied at technical high school in Kocaeli University, and now he is a vigorous antimilitarist.

His poems have been published in more than fifty literature journals in Turkey and he has also published a poem manifest at a literature journal in 2004, “Imagist Socialist Poetry”. He has tried to start a new poetry movement in Turkish Poetry. He has also published numerous articles in literature journals about literary theory according to his poetry movement. The basic motto of his poetry movement is “Imagist in the form, socialist in the content“ and the other basic motto is “If you have no fight, you don’t have any poem”.

The G Point of the Night

our skins have touched
to the G point of the night
there is a red earthquake
at the lonely places of the skin
the desire has been chatty
when your breath covered my body
your breath is the prologue
of your rainy motions

i am the discoverer
of your body’s secret city
my hands has travelled by spelling
through the white atlas of your skin
the wasps of my tongue have settled
in the weeny poppy field
which is at the south of your face

oh my love, the subjective of my life
oh your boobs are as the Dardanelles
that can not be passed by the enemy fleet
they are spanning from
one shoulder of yours to the other
as the Great Wall of China
the hegemony is at your boobs absolutely
at the night which has cross eyed spelling

Love In Every Language

Love me in every language of the World
Let’s make love in Lazuri
Let the waves of our tongue dance horon
At the North rockies of your body

Love me in every language of the World
Let’s look each other in Kurdish
Let the hawks having East wings fly from our eyes
To the purple mountains of the Love

Love me in every language of the World
Write my heart in Turkish

Poetry in this post: © Serkan Engin
Published with the permission of Serkan Engin