Sonja Smolec

Sonja Smolec

Born in 1953, Sonja Smolec is a well known author of children books, giving numerous presentations and readings around her native country – Croatia. She is widely acclaimed and appreciated by local schools and libraries for her public appearances and contacts with children.

Sonja is also a member of several local and international organizations supporting art in all its forms as well as a member of the Croatian Society of Writers for Children and Youth. Being a prolific author and trying to reach a wider audience, she tries her hand in a variety of styles – poetry, mystery novels, and English poetry.

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Inside irises of the night

like a sweet young wine
in the midwinter night
stirs up my blood
to gently waves.


I see the wide, spacious sky irises
still holding the light
of hidden stars,
and traces of the moon,
this timid fawn
build of silvery shadows.

On the ground
winter scattered its frozen, cracking dust.

leaned its black feathered head on my shoulders
growing up in an endless, alienated scream.
I follow its hue like a pilgrim following the river.


My whispers, an avalanche, were pouring out
forcing me to go beyond reality
to meet you in dreams, in the land
of sea and rosemary.

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