Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross

Stephanie Ross is a contributing writer to Ren Xue Americas Qiblog. She’s published by Quail Bell, Surging Tide, Half Moon Day, and other international journals. As a Yuan Qigong Master and certified Ren Xue Teacher, she is passionate about her inner world as a lifetime adventure. Her life and writing came alive when she set sail for three and a half years in the South Pacific with her toddler and preschooler. Her test run was a chartered sailboat in the Mediterranean when her first born was a babe in arms. She lives on Vancouver Island, Canada with her family and loves time in the rainforest.

You may contact her through her website, Instagram, Facebook: @stephanierossauthor and YouTube channel:


olive trees lined desolate
hills along the shoreline

wrinkly branches hailing from land
as they sat still in the distance

heat pounding down upon them while
sweat trickled down my spine in soft currents

swish of water floating softly beneath me
leaving the trail of my travels

moving slowly onward to new ports
taste of these lands still fresh upon my tongue

Poetry in this post: © Stephanie Ross
Published with the permission of Stephanie Ross