Süreyya Aylin Antmen

Süreyya Aylin Antmen

Süreyya Aylin Antmen was born in İstanbul, in 1981. She is a Turkish poet and writer. She is a student at Department of Philosophy, Anadolu University. Her poems and poetic articles have been published in various magazines and newspapers (Varlık, Özgür Edebiyat, Cumhuriyet Kitap, Öteki-siz, Şiir Ülkesi, NO Edebiyat, Şiir’den). She lives in İstanbul, Turkey.

“Sonsuzluğa Kiracı” (Tenant to Eternity) her works were found “remarkable” in 2008 Yaşar Nabi Nayır Youth Awards. “Sonsuzluğa Kiracı” was published in May 2011.

Not only part of future but also past’s through poetry, under the dome of dreams and agonies she continues to witness the death.

Far Seas’ Pearl

I’m calling white mares
lapping their manes from an old wound
in a grove where I’ve lost your voice

keep secret what I prayed for
the god to who I told your name
your name… a black snake in my veins

from the blind rocks down to the tangue’s milk
I’m the far seas’ pearl… finally.
tired of being the heart of this world
who forgot its god… deceived itself with stars.

from now on…
this order… this promised mercy…
can no longer make me sick

Süreyya Aylin Antmen
© Translation by Zeynep Arıkanlı

photo © Murat Doruk
Published with the permission of Süreyya Aylin Antmen