Tareq al Karmy

Tarek al Karmy

Tareq al Karmy, 1975, a Palestinian poet from the city of Tulkarm. He published 11 poetry files so far. Plays a Nay flute. His poems have been translated into various languages and he has participated in local and international poetry festivals.

Al Karmy’s poems attempt to write poems without ending, in a way that creates a deliberate interruption in the poem, leaving space for the reader to engage in writing the ending of the poem and leaving him space for imagination. This is a unique and unusual act in the landscape of Palestinian poetry that makes al Karmy one of the most interesting young voices in contemporary Palestinian poetry.

My heart is a bell of your secret love

Here you are, under my skin, a sleeping tremor
You milked the dawn in your perfume bottle
Behold, I love you my heart
My fingers blindly penetrate through a fence
To pick you up
Your fingers dip it in the new Berlin Wall
To pick me the coal flower
Did I change the flute between my glowing fingers?
Your fingers are all beaks
Under these fingers I’m
Never tired piano
And from the clash of our fingers we are born …
You are a bell and I am a bell
We knock on each other in all silence …

* Evening / Tulkarm

Poetry in this post: © Tareq al Karmy
Published with the permission of Tareq al Karmy