Vinny Steed

Vinny Steed

Vinny Steed from Galway, Ireland has work published abroad and at home. His poems have appeared in the Galway Review, Headstuff, Skylight 47, Crannog, Into the Void, Tales from the Forest magazine, Ogham Stone, Ofi Press magazine, ROPES, All the Sins, Flight, Boyne Berries and Poems in Profile. Some of his poems have featured in Windows 25th edition and in Cinnamon Press anthology. He is currently working towards a first collection.

On Cefalu Shore

We watch waves crash from a rickety bench,

ancient rumbles of a vanquished sea god. Marvel

how hair on legs see-saws like sea anemone on the

breeze. How a ninety-three-million-mile journey

highlights auburn shapes on the hillside, where cats make

beds with the lizards. Up here light has danced the rocks

ragged and men dared to build one-thousand-year old

monuments, stone heaped upon stone-a stacked callous

straining under its own weight. Hands careful not a drop

of blood would mingle in the Holy fountain.

The rafters finding home among the cosmos.

Where for hundreds of years its builders would find numbers

in nature and in the stars-an instruction manual for living

In this the postcard moment of their lives.


As one accustomed to board games

the art of picking garlic and cobalt skies

Isis could find no delight in her husband’s body

parts now scattered wide and far, playing hide-and-seek amongst

the lotus, date palms, and papyrus, and by her side

the dead weight of her sweetly-singing basket – the penis long

since lost to fatten the gut of an oxyrhyncus fish, days down

at the palace on hands and knees, how she wished his wooden

coffin succumbed to squally seas, no scent of rotting

flesh at the base of a tamarisk tree.

For what woman, she wondered

has love to give a slivered man?

In the living land what love has a missing

piece to offer such a woman?

Poetry in this post: © Vinny Steed
Published with the permission of Vinny Steed