C.L. Lynne

C.L. Lynne

C.L. Lynne’s poetry has appeared in U.S. journals including ‘In Recovery Magazine’ and ‘San Diego Artists and Poets.’ She has been published nationally and internationally (as Carol Levin) for three decades also as a health journalist and short fiction writer for youth. Carol resides in the American Southwest.


Tranquil currents of the Mediterranean
as darkness becomes Light,
morning sea air awakens the soul.
Ventures continue, port to port
taste of cultures, expression of art forms,
an array of beliefs; enrichment—enlightenment

Yet what has transpired under the current
in this vast sea,
daring souls seeking betterment
Only to lose, forced to return their
lands of escapement, or tossed by
roughening waters—down below

A plane descends, none survive—
jolts of attack, dread does dissipate
yet residue of fear remains unforgotten

Activity stirs—still, Peace and Beauty
abound this sea of duality
May it prevail over the empty of loss.

Poetry in this post: © C.L. Lynne
Published with the permission of C.L. Lynne