Elisa Biagini

Elisa Biagini

Elisa Biagini lives in Florence, Italy, after having taught and studied in the U.S. for several years. She has published 6 poetry collections – some bilingual – such as “L’Ospite”, (Einaudi, 2004), “Fiato. parole per musica” (2006) and “Nel Bosco” (Einaudi, 2007).

Her poems have been published in several Italian and American reviews and anthologies and they have been translated into English, German, Spanish, Portoguese, French, Croatian, Japanese, Slovak, Arabic, Serbian, Russian and Chinese.

Elisa Biagini has translated several contemporary American poets for reviews, anthologies and complete collections (“Nuovi Poeti Americani” Einaudi, 2006) and she teaches Creative Writing-Poetry, Travel Writing, Literature and Art History in Italy and abroad.

Along with her work as a poet, Elisa has presented several installation projects in relevant art spaces and has collaborated with musicians, artists and choreographers

Please visit Elisa Biagini’s website: www.elisabiagini.it

Roots in the air:

waves lapping my

rustling paper-leaves.

On the Mediterranean Sea (and the burden of the culture related to it)

Poetry in this post: © Elisa Biagini
Published with the permission of Elisa Biagini