Sonja Smolec

Sonja Smolec

Born in 1953, Sonja Smolec is a well known author of children books, giving numerous presentations and readings around her native country – Croatia. She is widely acclaimed and appreciated by local schools and libraries for her public appearances and contacts with children.

Sonja is also a member of several local and international organizations supporting art in all its forms as well as a member of the Croatian Society of Writers for Children and Youth. Being a prolific author and trying to reach a wider audience, she tries her hand in a variety of styles – poetry, mystery novels, and English poetry.

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Sea scent

I feel it, the smell of the sea,
the intoxicating scent of balmy grass
coming on the autumnal south wind.

Sand under my feet,
my eyes blink at its golden reflection.
I look over the white roofs made of slates
washed by the hundred year rains,
to see the high treetop of verdant pines
and then, next to the nearest tree
I see your hands full of pomegranates.

In the garden, a big, old ceramic pot
with the ornament of a vine-leaves wreath.
A white dahlia’s silken bloom, like a lover,
hanged its flowers over it.
Mediterranean sunset.


I woke up. Midnight.
Nothing was there but dripping dreams
hanging to the edges of my eyelashes.
I felt the scent of salt on my tongue and lips.
I wished to hear your soothing voice
telling me stories, telling me poetry.

The moon wanes.
Before the final chat between darkness and light,
before solitude surrounds my desire
I hear the crash of far-off waves
reverberating within me.

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