Frida Warnqvist

Frida Warnqvist

Frida Warnqvist was born 1984 in a small town in Sweden called Karlstad. She has been writing since she were a little child and the theme of her poems is health, soulsearching and relationships with others and to herself.

She is a member of a an authors society called “Värmländska författarsällskapet” and has recieved an award from a local poet called Thore Skogman in 2000 for her poems.

Frida Warnqvist is working as a teacher for young pupils and is currently writing her first book about self-fulfilment. She also works as a moviecritic and her big dream is to become a teacher of yoga.

Please visit Frida Warnqvist’s website: where you can read her poems in Swedish.


In Valldemossa
we touch
as little children
with a scent
of lavendel
and an inner
clear light
In Valldemossa
it is free
to taste a
delightful calm
where we
arrive at the
highest point
and even more
In Valldemossa
you touch my
inner heaven
I love you
at the
highest point
and even more


Im travelling
Im searching

a sacred
power for
a woman
that always
want more
a creature
that is
by the little
in life and
of Rome
Im longing
Im finding

peace with
my eternal
my passion
for the
present now
I receive
strength from
of other
cultures and
me and my
soul of the

Poetry in this post: © Frida Warnqvist
Published with the permission of Frida Warnqvist