Giuseppina Palo

Giuseppina Palo

Giuseppina Palo is a poet and was born in Eboli (Salerno) in 1965. She has three published books: Il Dono Selvaggio (“The Wild Gift”) 1989, by Edizioni Ripostes Salerno – Rome; Favole moderne (“Modern Fables”) 1993, the paperbacks Ripostes; Dell’Amore eterno (“Of the Eternal Love”) 2016, The Essay Ars Poetica Editions.

She has also been published in several anthologies, among them: Four poems in the anthology In My End is My Beginning – I poeti italiani negli anni ottanta/novanta (“The Italian poets in the eighties/nineties”) 1992, the pocket-sized Ripostes; one poem in the anthology Lo sciame dei sogni (“The Swarm of Dreams”) 1997, by Terni Edition and another poem in the anthology Navigare 22 2016, by the publishing house Pagine – Rome.



In the space of my house

I prepared you warm water, my dear
where to immerse yourself silent and beautiful.
You, water lily with colored buds
that perfume of cedar of Lebanon.
You, fresh moss from the northern regions
with ebony hair.
In the space of my home now you live,
with your white, yellow, pink, blue veils.
On the velvet rugs
of my being.

Along the routes of infinity

Then I was kidnapped by a dream:
travellers hosted me on a ship
leading me to the coasts of Cadossene,
among blackberries, genistas, woods, corals, purples and mines.
Passenger of time,
at the first light of the day I woke up,
landed in childhood memories, on the Sardinian land.
Good morning, graceful sea
where my mother, maiden, bathed her hair!
I still travelled paths, in hot afternoons,
and, among Romanesque churches, remote portals, columns of Tharros,
flowered balconies, airy little streets, fleeting cats,
song of cicadas, silent junipers, sunny dunes,
long infinite spaces,
I heard the sublime celebration of peace.


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