Ira Director

Ira Director

Chicago born artist and poet Ira Director holds a BA in Philosophy and Masters in English Literature and Poetry with works published in journals and e-zines. Poems and paintings are also combined, with both integral to the pieces. In 2002 he instituted Poetry from Bar-Ilan, a program for Bar-Ilan University’s poets to read their works in public, and produced it for over 10 years.

Ex. 2022 a Retrospective: 50 years of art and poetry

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Full Moon

It was too soon to end this day.
I wanted to watch the moon
play behind the clouds
and hold each other
while the island winds
howled –

After you left I went to Ia.
The woman from the bus
met her uncle the priest
then showed me through this cliff-hung town
where grapevines hug the ground
in tight circles against the wind.

I met a couple from Haifa
looking for a restaurant
along a hand-laid smooth stone path.
We ate lamb at Nikolos
where the Greek waiter
spoke Hebrew
then apple pie across the path.

A farewell drink at the Blue Note Pub
good rock and roll and Amstell on tap
then I sat alone on the stone wall
watching the lights along the coast
and the moon playing behind the clouds
on my last night in Santorini.

South to Haifa
On the F/B Nissos Kypros

Still soft green from winter rain
naked cliff hung islands
tease the sea.
Nights of rolling sunsets
and blowing stars.
Early morning
a distant ship passes.

As the sun rises
over the sea
I think of you
watching it set
over the mountains.
I hope you are warm
and being held close.
You are well loved
as the sun rises/sets
and the mountains
reach to the sea.

Island Time

I’ve been planning to leave
Paros for five days:

at first it was sunny
so why waste it traveling

then the mountain town
I wanted to see
and the other beach
on the far side of the rocks,

there’s the morning I slept late
and missed the boat,

then it was drizzling
so why go out,

and of course that poem
I’ve been planning to write

Poetry in this post: © Ira Director
Published with the permission of Ira Director