Lisa Marie Basile

Lisa Marie Basile

Lisa Marie Basile is the author of A Decent Voodoo, (Cervená Barva Press) and Triste (Dancing Girl Press), both forthcoming in 2012, as well as a chapbook, Diorama. Her recent work is or will be seen in Pear Noir!, Moon Milk Review, >kill author and Right Hand Pointing.

She is the editor of Patasola Press and a poetry reader for Weave Magazine and LIT Magazine. Living in Brooklyn, NY, she is a performing member of The Poetry Brothel and is an M.F.A. candidate at The New School.

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There are certain places
in Andalucia

kelp becomes body armor
thunder learns to speak Spanish
sirens sing for themselves

Somewhere across the Mediterranean
a small pale girl listens into a shell and understands.

There are places in Andalucia
doorways out,
where you can grow teeth again,

where you bite yourself
out of cocoons. You can bIte
yourself out of cocoons.

You don’t need anyone
else’s teeth.

From Andalucía (Brothel Books, The Poetry Society of New York, December 2011)

Poetry in this post: © Lisa Marie Basile
Published with the permission of Lisa Marie Basile