Richard Skinner

Richard Skinner

Richard Skinner has published three books of poems with Smokestack: ‘the light user scheme’ (2013), ‘Terrace’ (2015) & ‘The Malvern Aviator’ (2018). “Test to assess whether or not a person is suffering from amnesia” is taken from his forthcoming book, ‘Invisible Sun’, which will be published by Smokestack in February 2021.

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Test to assess whether or not a person is suffering from amnesia

A man wearing a toga is standing on a platform that is just under the surface of the water about 50m off the coast of the Greek island of Andros. He is clutching a hard copy of a score of an opera by Thomas Adès. Another man is swimming towards him. The sea is rough.

a) Is the standing man a Virgo or a Capricorn?
b) Is the boat sailing towards them blue or green?
c) Why are the people on the beach running away?
d) Do you like yoga?
q) What is the difference between a dwarf and a child?
t) Is it a Tuesday or a Saturday?
j) Why is the man on the boat laughing? What is his name?
k) Are the standing man’s eyes blue or green?
s) Where is the octopus?

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