Rob Miles

Rob Miles

Rob Miles is from Devon and he lives in Yorkshire, UK. He has been lecturer in Hispanic Studies at several British universities. His poems have appeared in many magazines and anthologies, in museums, on postcards and on buses. He’s won multiple competitions. Some first prizes include the Poets & Players competition, judged by Sinéad Morrissey, the Philip Larkin Prize, judged by Don Paterson, and the Resurgence Ecopoetry Prize, judged by Jo Shapcott and Imtiaz Dharker.

Know Thyself

Who could’ve imagined her there? Barely
a footstep beyond
her road, next thing, haggling like a pro
on that white island—

too hot, roasting most of the time, grandma
pretended to moan
while watching me unwrap
the ceramic reproduction

of a charioteer, handing me another round
of my first ever taste
of pitta and taramasalata, then sliding me
the card

depicting that famously engorged
priapic satyr, watching
for my reaction, guessing
it better to deliver in person than post.

Poetry in this post: © Rob Miles
Published with the permission of Rob Miles